International yoga and meditation teacher, author and yoga_mentor

I invite you to share the knowledge and experience that I have gained in more than 40 years of practising and teaching yoga - and training others to teach yoga

As you deepen your yoga practice and craft a yoga lifestyle for yourself, I can help you to better share your experience with your students. My preliminary suggestions to you are:
  • See your body and mind as a laboratory. Through your own practice, test what you have heard and read
  • Never stop practising - this is the mistake that most teachers make. They get so caught up in teaching and giving to their students that they forget the importance of recharging their own energy.
  • Become a living embodiment of the teachings
  • PRACTICE - PRACTICE - and then PRACTICE some more. A good teacher always teaches from her own experience!

For 26 years I worked with the International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centres and ran yoga centres in New York, London, New Delhi and the Himalayas. In 2001, I took a sabbatical to do personal practice in the Himalayas. When I returned to the West, I was the 'author in residence' at the Peacemaker Community in Western Massachusetts, and then I became the spiritual director of Haus Yoga Vidya, just outside of Cologne, Germany.

Since 2004, I'm a free-lance yogi, living in London and teaching in various parts of the world. I'm currently working on an MA in 'Traditions of Yoga and Meditation' at SOAS (School of Oriental and African Studies), University of London - and occasionaly take groups to India.

My books include The Power of Breath (recently re-issued in its third edition with enhanced artwork), Chakra MeditationThe Essential Guide to ChakrasRelax and Unwind with Yoga, and Mudras for Modern Life.

Click here to contact me. In addition to my own blog, I write articles for Elephant Journal and Watkins Publishing.

Here I am with my teacher Swami Vishnu-devananda, who was known as the "flying swami' - mainly because he had a pilot's license and used it to promote world peace as well as inner peace.