Living the yoga life

As we begin 2022, perhaps this is a good time to stop and review your personal practice. If you have been wanting to become more regular in your meditation, I’ve come up with a mentoring programme that can help you.

In the past 17 years of teaching the ‘Teach Meditation’ course, I’ve found that most people who do it are there primarily to develop their own practice. This has inspired me to come up with a mentoring programme for yoga teachers, dedicated yogi students, therapists, and workshop facilitators who would like to develop a regular practice and/or deepen their existing practice. Personal mentoring can help you to master the theory and techniques of meditation and experience the joy of stillness.

I’ve spent a lifetime studying, practising and teaching yoga and meditation. Over the years, I have developed systematic programmes containing the essence of my work. Living the yoga life is a straightforward method for training yourself and developing the ability to pass on your findings.

Each lesson includes instructions for specific prānāyāma exercises, meditation, mudras and āsanas, as well as ways to bring the spiritual ideals of yoga into your daily life - also suggested readings. When you feel that you have completed the lesson, email your diary to me, and I will send you the next instalment. You can also email me with questions at any time.

The material is presented in a unique, systematic way that enables you to integrate it into the framework of your life. The objectives and structure of this course emphasise the traditional relationship between teacher and student with concern for your personal needs. The goal is transformation through experiment and regular practise.

Living the Yoga Life includes

  • Living the yamas and niyamas
  • Simple regular practice + keeping a practice diary
  • Introductory 1-on-1 mentoring session with me via Zoom.
  • Practising what you teach
  • Using breath work (prānāyāma) to calm your mind and overcome distractions
  • Controlling and channelling your subtle energies
  • Seeing with the eyes of a meditator; being a silent witness
  • Using the power of sound; working with mantras
  • Applying these ideas to your personal practice and to daily life.

Payment options

Monthly: £15 per month, if you set up a standing order

Yearly (12 months) £149 – one payment for the entire year

The programme include new material that will be emailed to you each week and personal email feedback.

This is very much a self-paced programme.

To book: please contact regarding account details.