Spring cleaning: kriya workshop

The second in the series spring-cleaning workshops took place this morning: online on Fri, 24 March, 7-8 am. It was based on my book "The Cleansing Power of Yoga".
I always enjoy teaching Kriyas, as I get to watch the funny faces that students make. I started with eye exercises - quite funny, if you watch the recording.

We then went on to the main focus of the workshop: kriyas that cleanse cleanse the digestive system. In addition to eating a pure diet, yoga teachings recommend various techniques to cleanse the digestive system and purify the sense of taste. Some of these exercises are beyond the scope of what is recommended in normal detox programmes.

As so many people seem to be having economic difficulties, I've decided to offer workshops on a sliding scale. For this one there was suggestion of £9 - 15 per workshop.  If you would like to receive a  link to the recording of the workshop, there would be a similar cost.


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