India Retreat with Swami Saradananda

Mudras for Wellbeing Course

Dec, 2021 - Jan, 2022 - dates TBA

This 5-day training promises to be unique in its practical as well as theoretical approach. Swami Saradananda, author of Mudras for Modern Life, will introduce you to the subtle energies flowing through your hands and in each finger. You will also be encouraged to experience putting this information into practice, using your own hands.
Mudras are hand gestures that enable you to seal prana into specific channels within your subtle body. They are potent spiritual tools that can enhance your inner purification and good health. With regular practice, mudras can sharpen and expand your spiritual wisdom. They can help you to restore balance within the microcosm and bring it into harmony with the macrocosm.

This course is open to everyone interested in learning about and working with mudras, and has had some previous experience of practising asanas, pranayama and meditation.


Participants will be introduced to the basic energetic concepts of working with mudras, including:
• What are mudras and how they work
• Keeping your fingers, hands and arms flexible enough to practise.
• Directing the flow of your prana through the use of hand gestures
• Integrating mudras with sound, meditation and breath work
• Visualisations and affirmations that augment the effect of the mudras
• Mudras for physical health and well-being
• Mudras in relation to chakras
• Integrating the practice of mudras into your daily life
• Adding a new dimension to your meditation, asana and pranayama practices

The main teacher of the course will be Swami Saradananda, the internationally-renowned yoga and meditation teacher who inspires you to want to practise. Swami Govindananda, Yogacharya Sudarsan and other teachers will lead satsangs and teach asana/pranayama classes.

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Venue: Sivananda Yoga Vidya Peetham, Kodakkad, Kasaragod, Kerala, India