Chakra Sadhana Training Course

Chakra Sadhana Training Course

2021 dates TBA

A 2-week training for yoga teachers who would like to integrate chakra work into their teaching and personal sadhana (practice). Learn to introduce your students to the concept of chakras and how they relate to yoga practice, as you deepen your own understanding.

Swami Saradananda guides you in an intensive examination of the functions and reciprocal influences that the chakras have on each other and on the unconscious and conscious minds. As an advanced training for yoga teachers, it is unique in its practical as well as theoretical approach to this much talked about topic.

What will participants get out of this course?

• A deeper understanding of the nature and functions of the chakras.
• The ability to create chakra-related sequences that are designed to get results for students on all levels
• The capacity to adapt your yoga practice to move energy upward to higher consciousness.
• Using chakra work to provide yourself with a firm foundation for your personal sadhana
• Ways that you, and your students, can use the chakras to manifest your ideas and dreams into more creative embodiments.
• A more meditative approach to asana practice and teaching.

Course syllabus focuses on

• Muladhara: root chakra; bring enhanced grounding and stability into your life
• Working with the minor chakras in your feet which are responsible for transforming and transmitting prana between your individual energy system and that of the earth
• Swadhisthana: sacral chakra; be better able to ‘go with the flow’
• Manipura: solar plexus chakra; improve your self-image, will-power and digestion
• Anahata: heart chakra; develop your ability to forge unselfish relationships, self-acceptance, compassion and empathy
• Awakening the minor chakras in the hands; use and direct the healing energies in your hands
• Vishuddha: focus on the throat chakra to improve your communication skills and creativity; develop your inner voice
• Minor palate chakra, source of ‘divine nectar’
• Ajna: brow chakra; strengthen your physical eyes as you develop inner vision; develop your intuition, concentration and memory; balance your rational left brain with the intuitive non-linear thinking of your right brain.
• Sahasrara: crown chakra; Strengthen your connection with spiritual values, attitudes and ethics; enhance your sense of wonder and experience greater joyfulness.
• Bija mantras: chanting with chakra focus
• Inter-relatedness of the chakras; how they work together
• Chakra cleansing and protection; cultivate the ability to choose when to have chakras open
• Yantras: using mystical geometry in chakra work
• Satsang consisting of silent meditation with chakra focus, chanting, talk and arati ceremony. The morning and evening practice will help you develop a strong and steady meditation practice.
• Asanas in the hatha yoga and tantric systems : Study of these philosophical points of view brings clarity to one’s purpose in life.
• Karma yoga and sevato purify

The main teacher of the course will be Swami Saradananda, the internationally-renowned yoga and meditation teacher who inspires you to want to practise. Swami Govindananda, Yogacharya Sudarsan and other teachers will lead satsangs and teach asana/pranayama classes.

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Venue: Sivananda Yoga Vidya Peetham, Kodakkad, Kasaragod, Kerala, India