One-on-One mentoring

Do you have a question about your practice? Are you wondering what's the best step for you? Are you looking for a private teacher to give a major boost to your yoga practice and personal development? Sometimes even experienced yoga teachers and practitioners can benefit from the perspective of an experienced mentor.

I teach 1:1 classes that focus on pranayama, meditation and various aspects of yoga philosophy. They can be adapted to your needs. We can discuss any questions you have about your practice or teaching, whether it’s how to deepen your daily experience, clarify your communicaiton or grow your student base.

I have been practicing yoga since 1967 - and have been teaching since 1974 in a wide range of settings. I've run yoga centres and ashrams, taught Teachers' Trainings and written books. There is a good chance that I’ve come across questions or challenges similar to the ones you may be facing; perhaps I have even asked those same questions or faced a similar challenge myself.

I offer individual mentoring sessions to yoga practitioners at all levels and from any lineage or practice style. I'm available for 1:1 sessions on weekdays or evenings, but not on weekends.

If you you think I could be of assistance in helping you to find clarity and strengthen your practice, why not book a session?


By Zoom/ Skype/ Face Time/ Telephone / What’sApp

20 min session: £25 / series of 5 sessions: £120

1 hour: £60 / series of 5 sessions: £300

Use PayPal to prepay your session and then send me an email to schedule it.