Intro to Mudras – on YouTube


Several months ago, to celebrate International Yoga Day on June 21st, I did a series of short videos with Watkins Publishing – in connection with my book “Mudras for Modern Life“.

Mudras can assist you in rebalancing your energy, enhancing your well-being and transforming your life in a wide range of ways. They can be amazingly useful tools in both yoga and meditation; they can also aid you in developing an increased sense of calm in life and finding inner peace – and all you need is your own hands and a place to sit.

Whether or not you are thinking of attending my introductory workshop at Yotopia in Covent Garden on Sun, 30th Oct, you may want to have a look at the first of the videos, which I’ve just posted on YouTube, which is an “Introduction to Mudras

Special thanks ot Lucia at Watkins Publishing for organising the “14 Days” series – and for supervising the filming and editing.


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