Yoga Teachers Guide to Chakras

Yoga Teachers Guide to Chakras

An advanced training via Zoom

Classes meet Sun, 3:30-7pm (London time)

upcoming dates: 11 Sept, 25 Sept, 9 Oct, 22 Oct, 6 Nov, 20 Nov and 4 Dec

This is a course for yoga teachers who would like to work more intensively with the chakras. Deepen your own practice and integrate concepts of sound and breath into  your existing classes.

Student-teacher contact hours are balanced with personal practise:

  • 8 LIVE SESSIONS via Zoom (3.5 hours each) + recordings posted online
  • Extensive hand-outs (PDF)
  • Weekly assignments with assessment
  • Daily personal practice
  • Guided practice teaching
  • Personal mentoring with Swami Saradananda

Introduce students to the concept of chakras and how they relate to yoga practice. Simultaneously deepen your own understanding of these swirling vortexes of psychic energy. In this innovative course for yoga teachers, Swami Saradananda shares knowledge she has gained from years of study and personal practice, much of which is embodied in her books Chakra Meditation" and “The Essential Guide to Chakras”.

What you, as a teacher, will get out of this course

  • Through a combination of prānāyāma, chanting, meditation and group discussion, this course equips you with the knowledge and skills to take your teaching and personal practice to a more profound level.
  • A uniquely practical as well as theoretical approach to chakras with philosophical understanding of their nature and function.
  • Adapt your own yoga and meditation practices to move energy upward to higher consciousness. .
  • Ways that you, and your students, can use the chakras to manifest your ideas and dreams into more creative embodiments.
  • An enhanced meditation practice
  • Ways to integrate chakra work into asana classes, group meditations, workshops and retreats
  • Pranayama practices specific to chakra work
  • Effects of lifestyle and diet on the chakras
  • Online teaching methods

Requirements for participation: 

  • Completion of yoga teachers’ training
  • Computer access, basic computer literacy and an email address
  • Possession of a copy of “Chakra Meditation” and “The Essential Guide to Chakras” by Swami Saradananda (either in book or Kindle format)

Cost: £445 / 545 Euros / $645 U.S.

with a 20% early-bird discount if your deposit is received before 31st March.

To book: a £150 non-refundable deposit will hold your place on the course. Please contact Sally regarding account details. The balance is due 3 weeks before the start of the course.

Classes are small, so please book early. The balance of payment is due 3 weeks before the start of the course.

Any questions: contact Swami Saradananda about the course - or if you would like to arrange personal mentoring – or would like to arrange a customized programme for your group.

Refunds and transfers: once payment has been made, there are no refunds. However, you may transfer to another session of the course, with a £100 transfer fee. You must complete the course within 3 years.

Attendance: Participants are expected to attend all classes via Zoom and be absent only with good reason. If you are unable to attend because of illness or other emergency, you must inform the tutor before the start of the class.

Participants are required to register 85% attendance at live sessions; the first class cannot be missed. If a live class is missed, it is student's responsibility to make up the content by viewing the recorded sessions and doing additional homework as assigned by the tutor.

Participants who do not reach the required attendance will not receive their certificate until they have made up the time/ practice and assignments; this may incur additional costs. If you miss more than one class, you will be expected to transfer to a subsequent session of the course, with payment of £100 transfer fee.

Homework: all homework is non-graded, however written assignments will be either 'pass’ or ‘refer'. If a piece of work is referred, it should be resubmitted when the necessary amendments have been made. The tutor will support and advise you through this process and detailed feedback will be given.

Participants must complete each assignment to the tutor’s satisfaction before going on to the next assignment.

As well as completing written assignments, participants are expected to integrate the course teachings into their own classes. This serves to enhance their knowledge and develop their teaching skills.

Participants will received practice teaching assignments each week; their written homework will include a report on their teaching experience.

Comments from course graduates

Thanks again for all your sharings and guidance. I learnt more than I expected. The structure of the course and the homeworks were very helpful to keep the practice and integrate all the new insights.  - Madhavi Maria Alejandra Valero, yoga teacher, Rotterdam, Netherlands

I really got a lot out of the ‘Yoga Teachers Guide to Chakras’. It helped me understand and integrate the different aspects of yoga and how different practices can work together. Swami Saradananda brought such a range and depth of knowledge together in such a simple way - it was very impressive. It will really help me bring new perspectives to my own practice.  - Shanti, retired yoga teacher and long-term practitioner, Epsom, Surrey

Amazing 15 weeks with "Yoga Teachers Guide to Chakras"! I feel strengthened and inspired in my yoga practice. I am thankful for having had the opportunity of being one of the first students to embark on this life-changing course.  - Delzina May, yoga teacher, Ruislip, Middx

I am so grateful to have done this in depth course it has helped to clarify how to work with our chakra system as a tool for transformation.  - Maria B. Annibal, yoga teacher, Ruislip, MIddx

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