Yama-Niyama Online

Integrate the ethical practices of yoga into your daily life

This is a one-year home-study course comprised of 50 weekly lessons to assist you in tuning your lifestyle to yoga principles and philosophy.


Patanjali, in his classic Yoga Sutra prescribes ethical guidelines, known as the yamas and niyamas. These are not harsh rules, but rather a description of human potential. They offer you a way to live with

deeper consciousness, integrity and joy.

Deepen your personal practice on many levels while enhancing your teaching skills. You may join this course at any time. Each month new study guidelines will be sent to you + suggested practice diaries. There will be opportunity for personal mentoring with Swami Saradananda.

This year-long self-study course is suitable for yoga teachers and sincere students of yoga.

Cost: £108





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