Teach Meditation

3-month training for yoga teachers via Zoom

  • Teach meditation courses

  • Integrate meditation into existing classes

  • Inspire students to meditate

  • Deepen your own practice

This is a 3-month course for yoga teachers who would like to teach meditation and/or integrate meditation into their existing classes.

LIVE SESSIONS bi-weekly on Sat, 10am-1:30pm (London time), starting on 6th May via Zoom. Classes will be recorded and shared with course participants.

Training days: 6 May, 20 May, 3 June, 17 June, 1 July, 15 July and 29 July

This course balances student-teacher contact hours with personal practice

  • Introductory 1:1 mentoring session
  • 8 live classes + recordings posted online
  • Extensive hand-outs (PDF)
  • Weekly assignments with assessment
  • Daily personal practice
  • Guided practice teaching
  • Specialisation as a meditation teacher

You will learn:

  • to structure meditation courses and workshops
  • to lead group meditations
  • to perfect lecture techniques
  • when and how to lead discussions
  • how to help students to make meditation a part of daily life
  • breathing exercises, including how to use the breath to overcome distractions
  • mantra meditation
  • tratak, visualisations, subtle energies
  • mudras and yantras
  • to understand the nature and function of the mind
  • how the mind and body interface in meditation
  • asana and pranayama practices specific to meditation
  • effects of lifestyle and diet on meditation
  • how to encourage students in their meditation practice
  • Introduction to Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra
  • how to organise courses; online teaching methods

Requirements for participation:

  • Completion of yoga teachers’ training
  • 2 years of regular meditation practice
  • Committment to 30 minutes minimum daily meditation practice during the course
  • Computer access, basic computer literacy and an email address

Cost: £549

To book: bank transfer of non-refundable deposit of £150

Please contact Sally regarding registration details. The balance is due 3 weeks before the start of the course.
The course includes extensive written notes and teaching aids - it is suggested that you purchase Swami Saradananda's book "Sitting Comfortably: preparing the mind and body for peaceful meditation".

Classes are small, as the number of participants is limited. Please book as soon as possible.

Venue: Zoom

Any questions: contact Swami Saradananda about the course - or if you would like to arrange personal mentoring – or would like to arrange a customized programme for your group.

This course meets the stringent requirements of accreditation set by Yoga Alliance Professionals. Our graduates are trained to the highest standard and are eligible to register with the Yoga Alliance Professionals having the specialty of ‘Meditation Teacher’.

Certificate will be given only when all of the work of the course has been completed to the satisfaction of the tutor.

click here to see the complete syllabus and 'terms and condition'


Comments from Teach Meditation graduates

As a yoga teacher I would thoroughly recommend the Teach Meditation course. The course was invaluable in giving me the confidence to teach meditation to students, whilst also developing my own meditation practice. The teaching sessions were really enjoyable; the assignments and practice teaching elements helped me to embed my knowledge and reflect on my meditation practice. The course handouts were excellent, informative and thorough and I still refer to them often.
- Lesley Manderson, yoga teacher, Scotland

The teach meditation course has been quite a transformative and, at times, challenging experience. It was much more than a ‘learn to teach’ meditation. Instead, it provided a chance for me to look at my own practice, to challenge it and face some inner obstacles. The content of the course was excellent, covering a range of techniques and approaches to meditation. It was very enjoyable to study yoga philosophy again, in a thorough way (e.g. the yamas and niyamas) and put them into practice in my daily life.  - A.L., yoga teacher, Royston, England

I am so grateful that I found this course and was able to learn from Swami Saradananda. This course deepened my personal practice and also built an incredible foundation for teaching others. This course covers several types of meditation and also deepens your understanding on how impactful meditation can be in your life. There is a combination of weekly personal work, practice teaching, and zoom calls with Swami Saradananda. All of these elements of the course are well-planned and purposeful. I highly recommend this course.  - Kianna Steadman, yoga teacher, Utah

I have just completed the Teach Meditation course taught by Swami Saradananda, I have learned so much more than how to teach meditation; it has inspired the teaching and planning of my yoga classes and made little changes in my own life. I am now so excited to work on my own meditation practice. I would absolutely recommend doing this course, its really the best course I have done since I learned to teach yoga.  - Sarah Barron, yoga teacher, Falkirk, Scotland

The Teach Meditation Course has been extremely helpful and a life-changing experience. It has helped me deepen my own practice, become more aware of my mind’s tricks, and improve the quality of my life. It’s a very complete course; it’s not only about meditation, there are also parts dedicated to mudras, asanas, principles, diet and life style. It’s also a course perfectly structured. Swami is very supportive, she always comes back to emails in such a short time! I have learnt a lot from her, not only in terms of notions but also in terms of teaching. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to deepen the meditation practice or teach it.  - Valentina Lovotti, yoga teacher, Rome, Italy

I am so grateful for this course!This course enhanced my personal meditation practice and gave me the confidence to teach meditation. Be prepared for a good deal of coursework, and be prepared for that coursework to change your life.  - Jen Nilsson, yoga teacher, travel writer and digital nomad, U.S.A.

The course was extremely well set out with attention to detail and perfect to take forward into my teaching and own practice.  - Susan Chopping, yoga teacher, London

I decided to do the Teach Meditation course to enhance my own practice. Swamiji delivers the course with just that in mind – by enhancing our own meditation experiences, we can then share with others from a personal experience rather than out of a text book. It is not an easy course therefore – a lot of work is involved but the learning material is outstanding. I definitely recommend the course!   - Melanie Brooker, yoga teacher, Rugby

 I totally love this course, including practising yamas and niyamas, and noticing their effects on the mind and the meditation was of great value.   - Dr Mala Gupta, yoga teacher, Watford

I found this course at a perfect time. It enhance my own meditation practice and equiped me with a variety of tools to teach meditation to others. The techniques explored were very benefitial for my mental health. My personal favourite technique was tratak as it connected me to my inner light during the dark winter months.  - Lorena Murua Lopez, yoga teacher, Scotland

The teach meditation course gave me so much more than I expected. As well as helping me to deepen my own meditation practice, and giving me the skills and confidence to teach meditation, I feel it has also deepened my overall knowledge of yoga and yoga philosophy.  - Jackie Hayfield, yoga teacher, Hampshire

The structure & consistency of the course provided an excellent balance between self-practice and theory. The detailed and thorough support materials given each week were so helpful in understanding each teaching being shared.The materials provided were abundant and very informative. Easy to digest & clear too - rather than an ‘information overwhelm’!  I still reference the material now and will continue to do so.

The course gave focus and clarity to my personal meditation practice, ways to support and nurture it – discovering different ways of approaching it - and the tradition from which it comes. It informed the use of specific asana postures in order to make seated meditation more comfortable. Also, there was a lovely intimacy as a small group learning together, in a sattvic environment.  - Anneka Haskins, yoga teacher, Perth & Kinross, Scotland

The course provided me not only with the tools to start my own daily meditation practice but also the confidence to share it with students. As I saw how beneficial meditation was for my own life I wanted to share it – Caroline Hermon, yoga teacher, Twickenham

Swami Saradananda’s teaching is very thorough.  The practical zoom sessions kept me on track and the homework ensured I was fully engaged between classes. This meditation course is not for the faint hearted but, if you put in the time and effort required the return is definitely worth it.  I’m really glad I enrolled.  It transformed both my personal and professional practice.   - Mary Griffiths, yoga teacher, Romford, Kent

Swami Saradananda’s Teach Meditation course….a wonderfully disciplined and knowledgeable meditation course and journey of self-discovery.   - Julie Kidd, yoga teacher, W. Midlands

Swami Saradananda’s Teach Meditation was honestly one of the best courses I have done. It set me up for my own personal practice which is now part of my life on a daily basis. It has had a profound effect on me personally - and gave me the tools and confidence to teach meditation to others which I regard as such a privilege. My meditation teaching is now one of my most rewarding classes - offering and sharing the inner calm and strength that can come from the practice which I know has been very gratefully received during lockdown. I am eternally grateful to Swami for sharing her wisdom and teaching which I often reflect upon with great heartfelt warmth and thanks. Thank you Swami, it was life changing.   - Sarah Greenall, yoga teacher, Twickenham, Middx

The course had a lot of depth. Swamiji is very knowledgeable and wise which is easy to see in her teachings. I learnt a lot during the months of training as I immersed into the training. It had a huge impact on my personal practice and thought process. I highly recommend this to anyone who wishes to evolve in their yoga practice and is still searching.   - Ratna Dey Cordukes, yoga teacher and ayurvedic practitioner, Epsom

 The course was challenging & at times felt beyond my ability, but it was that level of challenge that proved most growthful in helping me access my abilities beyond what I thought I was capable of. The course has been foundational in establishing my own meditation practice & has given me the skills to teach meditation & to teach it well. This course has established an abiding love of meditation & a solid knowledge & practice base.   - Elizabeth Bell, yoga teacher, Reading

After training as a yoga teacher for my own personal practice and development, I joined Swami Saradananda’s Teach Meditation course to continue that journey.  The course had such a profound impact on my understanding of yoga, on my personal day to day living and a welcome challenge to the many limitations I held about myself and others that I continue to teach my original students in addition to seeking to teach elsewhere. It is a very comprehensive course which I feel has prepared my teaching to a an excellent standard and I would recommend it highly.  My thanks to you, Swami.  - Jane Hutchinson, meditation teacher, Reigate

During this course I didn’t just learn about the different meditation techniques and how to teach it to my students but I had a big journey to the self by getting frustrated and how to cope with it. Swamiji’s course needs a massive dedication and a daily 2 hours to do your own practice. At the same time you need to start teaching from the very beginning and this gives you an opportunity to meet with different situations and you get a great support to manage them. By the end of the course you will feel confident to teach meditation. Swamiji created a very warm and safe environment where I could be honest and freely share my experience with the others. I highly recommend this course if you are determined and ready for a deeper practise.- Judit Katai, yoga teacher, Budapest, Hungary

Dear Swami Thank you so much for all the teaching. These are such valuable skills that I will never forget and will carry with me always.   ~ Nina Savarese, yoga teacher, St. Leonards on Sea

Dear Swami Saradananda, I just wanted to thank you again for the teaching meditation course that i attended last year. Since the commencement of the course my daily meditation practise has become such a major part of who i am now. I experience such joy chanting at the beginning and end of my practice too and this initially was a little challenging for me. I ran my first urban meditation day retreat just before Christmas and during the preparation of the day, the day itself, as well as with the feedback received from the students that attended, it made me realise how much knowledge you had shared with us - even more so than i had realised at the time. I am running my second meditation day tomorrow again and i am looking forward again to sharing this knowledge. I hope to be able to study with you further in the future. Warmest wishes   ~ Simon Hoten, Yoga Teacher, West Hampstead

I attended Swami Saradnanada's Teach Meditation course in 2014. She is a wonderful teacher who brings traditional yogic meditation into the modern world that we live in. Her many years of experience and dedication to teaching shine through during the course. The course content is excellent with a good balance of contact hours & homework (including theory & practical). The Course helped me build a consistently regular meditation practice which is still in place to this day. The course gave me the tools and confidence to teach meditation and I have been teaching Meditation Classes for 2 years now and am enjoying every moment. Highly Recommended.  Namaste   ~ Susan Spreckley, yoga teacher, Isle of Mull, Scotland

My meditation practice has become much more effective and intensive. Only now I have the feeling that I am able to meditate and do not know what I was doing before I started the Teach Meditation course...incredible!   ~ Larissa Von Seydlitz, yoga teacher, Germany

Very concentrated and interesting. I learnt so much in such a short time. I feel more knowledgeable and more confident about teachinggenerally, but especially meditation techniques. Hard work but worth it!        ~ Anita Cullum, yoga teacher, Cambridge

After seeing Swami Saradananda at the OM Yoga Show I decided to book her Teach Meditation course. It is without doubt the best thing I have done for myself as a teacher of yoga and also on a personal level. She is a wonderful teacher a lovely person and her knowledge is limitless, she shares generously with you as she teaches, telling applicable stories, adding humour so its not heavy. The course gives you all the tools you need to practise and teach meditation. The course has improved my teaching skills, I am able to add some of what I have learnt into my yoga classes and I feel am am growing on a spiritual level. After competing the course I felt confident enough to teach meditation courses to my students,sharing the wonderful wisdom of her teachings. Thank you Swami Saradananda what an amazing journey!   ~ Vivien Row, yoga teacher, Wallington, Surrey

A comprehensive course with an emphasis on practical experience. In addition to preparing those who wish to teach, it is ideal for those with a background in Yoga who wish to take their practice further, learning about the Spiritual and Philosophical aspects. Swami Saradananda is generous with her knowledge, open and hospitable, and her devotion and experience are inspirational.   ~ Tim Hallewell, yoga teacher, west London

Swami Saradananda´s course for learning to teach meditation has been a most constructive, interesting, and highly informative course that has answered lots of questions concerning teaching meditation and given me the confidence to now teach it .I recommend it to anyone wanting a good grounding on the subject. Thank you Swamiji!   ~ Ruth Fellner, yoga teacher, Malaga, Spain

Swami Saradananda's Teach Meditation course may be the most valuable study I have ever undertaken. It was the first time I ever submitted myself to a practice and let it shape me – it was a real turning point in my life. The course will leave you with a storehouse of knowledge to teach from as well as leaving room for your own thoughts and development.    ~ Robert Kay, yoga teacher, Kent

I found the meditation course very thorough and enjoyable, looking at various different aspects and exploring different methods of meditation. It was a greater commitment as I had originally anticipated but I was rewarded with some revealing insights into my own behaviour and thought patterns. I enjoyed the various quotes on our handouts.   ~ Nataraja Gabriele Steen, yoga teacher, France

Swami Saradananda’s course contains enough material to set you on the path to meditation with the tools of your choice, breath, visualization, and mantras, with the wisdom of raja yoga to deepen your exploration of the self. I feel happy and prepared to teach meditation now.   ~ Kim Duran, yoga teacher, Bournemouth

I would just like to say how much I enjoyed the workshops, meeting new friends and how much I got out of your teachings a true inspiration. Thank you.   ~ Emma Spivey, yoga teacher, Berks

I really enjoyed doing the Teach Meditation’ homework; it’s so absorbing. The course has helped me to clarify so much with my work as a yoga teacher, realising that I am not just limited to teaching asanas. Opening to new ideas and focusing on  my own practice keeps my view clear as to why I practice yoga. I feel that I can bring more depth to my classes  and inspire students to practice more with increasing  interest in the yogic path. Also, as the mother of a teenager, it has helped me to become a more tolerant parent.   ~ Bhavani Maria Annibal, yoga teacher, Ruislip, Middx

I learnt so much about myself, the way I think and how that effects what I do. It was interesting to explore different types of techniques- I think some of us are better with sound others with vision and it was good to find this out.   ~ Louise Cashin, yoga teacher, Richmond

A thorough well-structured course which has greatly benefited my personal practice as well as helping my students.   ~ Mita Shah, yoga teacher, Harrow, Middx

Clearly structured step by step guide to teaching meditation! One feels as if someone takes you by the hand and takes you down a very deep path, stony perhaps but always with firm guidance and reassurance. Infectious teacher, supportive environment.   ~ Beate Fritzsching-Jerschke, yoga teacher, Berlin, Germany

I thoroughly enjoyed the course…. Gave greater depth to my personal and teaching practice. I found doing daily practice particularly helpful, also keeping spiritual diary, spending time learning and revisiting meditation theory and practice.   ~ Ntathu Allen, yoga teacher, Southeast London

I felt the course, in general, was all embracing, structured with in-built discipline as the exercises had to be completed and monitored on a daily basis. This is a detailed, professional approach which “airs” all aspects of the meditation process and highlights deficiency/areas needing to be worked on. As someone who had been “meditating” on their own using predominantly books the course was an excellent way of determining where I was with my practice and finding what was needed to move forward. Raja Yoga led me to meditation the Teach Meditation course led me back to the science of Raja Yoga.   ~ William Marshall, Essex

An excellent course, well structured, plenty of information, life changing.   ~ Marian Simpson, yoga teacher, Derry, Ireland

Swami Sardananda’s Teach Meditation course renewed my practice of yoga and life and was at the same time, enlightening, engrossing and demanding. Swami Sardananda is an inspiring teacher.   ~ Helen Suddards, yoga teacher, Greece

I thoroughly enjoyed the course even though at the beginning it felt quite intense and time consuming. After the first couple of weeks I found my self settling in to it. The course was generous and rich with information, philosophy and teaching skills. ~ Shelley Bloom, yoga teacher, Herts


This course meets the stringent requirements of accreditation set by Yoga Alliance Professionals. Our graduates are trained to the highest standard and are eligible to register with the Yoga Alliance Professionals having the specialty of ‘Meditation Teacher’.

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