Swadhyaya: self-study

This is an ongoing series of monthly online satsangs, i.e., talks and meditations, guided by Swami Saradananda. The programme is designed to support yoga teachers and serious practitioners in their ongoing study and personal practice. Each session will focus on the application of some aspect of yoga philosophy to daily life.

If you cannot attend the satsang in person, please request a link to the recording. If you plan to attend a satsang in person or watch the recording, please transfer your donation, via: - or request U.K. bank details


12 March, Sun, 6:30-7:30pm: Holi

The Spring festival presents the opportunity to burn physical, mental and emotional impurities. Prepare for a ‘spring cleaning’ with meditation and talk on the yoga principles of śaucha (purification) and kriyas (cleansing actions).

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16 April, Sun, 6:30-7:30pm: Salute to Hanuman

Hanuman, son of the wind, is the patron of prānāyāma. He represents the steady mind, unaffected by what it experiences through the senses.  Prānāyāma can help your mind to be more focused; regular practice leads to pratyahara, concentration and meditation.

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21 May, Sun, 6:30-7:30pm: Abhyasa-Vairatya

Achieving inner peace requires regular steady practice (abhyasa) with detachment (vairagya). The talk and meditation will focus on becoming less distracted by attraction (raga) and dislikes (dvesha)

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18 June, Sun, 6:30-7:30pm: Churning Consciousness

Join Swami Saradananda in taking a look at one of the core myths of yoga; this narrative provides keys to enhancing your ability to draw the senses inward and control desires. The evening’s talk and meditation will combine storytelling and analysis in a way that will assist you in obtaining a deeper understanding of your yoga practice.

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9 July, Sun, 6:30-7:30pm: Integrating Siva-Shakti

Create a balance of natural intuition and compassionate action. Join Swami Saradananda for meditation and an exploration of the philosophical and energetic principles represented by Siva (consciousness) and Shakti (energy). Yoga, as a spiritual tradition, holds that each person is born with infinite potential. To assist you in unlocking your potential, the ancient rishis provided a vast array of stories in which philosophical truths were encoded into spiritual symbols.

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13 August, Sun, 6:30-7:30 PM: Krishna's flute

Bhakti (devotion) involves ways of acting, thinking and willing that channel the emotions and orient you towards inner peace. You attempt to become a pure instrument, as symbolised by the flute, so that divine energy can flow unhampered. The talk and meditation will focus on bhakti (devotion) as represented in stories of Krishna.

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17 Sept, Sun, 6:30-7:30pm: Ganesha Churthi - Ganesha's birthday

Celebrate Ganesha's birthday with an evening of story-telling and meditation, focusing on some of his myths and anecdotes. Ganesha is archetypal remover of obstacles; he presents you with gateways to new dimensions in your yoga practice.

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15 Oct, Sun, 6:30-7:30pm: Navaratri begins

Navaratri is a 9-night celebration of the divine feminine. The first three nights mark the initial stage of your spiritual journey: purification. These days are set apart for the worship of the Mother in the form of Durga.

Once you have broken down negative habits and propensities, the next step on the spiritual path is personified as Lakshmi: your ability to nurture and strengthen your positive qualities. Only when you have cleansed your negative propensities and are strong enough, are you are ready to receive the light of wisdom, as personified by Saraswati.

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12 Nov, Sun, 6:30-7:30pm: Diwali

The Indian festival of light is a joyous celebration to mark one of the darkest nights of the year. It is said to be the night that Lakshmi (good-fortune) looks for her home for the coming year. Join Swami Saradananda for a talk and meditation on the self-luminous inner light of the Self that is shining steadily in the chambers of your heart.

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10 Dec, Sun, 6:30-7:30pm: Aparigraha-Santosha-Gratitude

Yoga practice tends to speed up your karma, intensifying your need for ethical behaviour. Aparigraha (non-greed) in daily life reflects your progress on the path of yoga, as does Santosha (contment). Both, in their extreme form, can be expressed as gratitude. Join Swami Saradananda for meditation and a discussion of integrating these values into your daily live to stimulate positive change in positives.

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