Upcoming Events
with Swami Saradananda

Sun, 15 Jan, 2023; 6-7:30pm (London time)

Satsang Online: Swadhyaya

Join Swami Saradananda to celebrate her birthday with meditation and stories. This will be a longer and hybrid satsang to celebrate Swami Saradananda’s birthday. Emma Brown and other guests will be physically present. Emma will be leading kirtan from 6-6:30, followed by a talk on Swadhyaya (self-study) and a meditation… Click here to request the Zoom-link.

Starting on Sat, 4 Feb 2023, 2-5:30pm (London time)

Teach Meditation

3-month course begins on Zoom. Inspire students to meditate as you deepen your personal practice… read more

Starting on Wed, 8 Feb, 2023 7:30-9pm (London Time)

Mudras for Modern Life

5-week course begins on Zoom; to read more

Starting on Fri, 10 Feb, 2023, 6-8pm (London time)

Yoga Teachers Guide to Prānāyāma

2-month course begins on Zoom; learn to teach pranayama to beginners as you deepen your own practice… read more

Sun, 19 Feb, 6:30-7:30pm (London time)

Sivaratri Satsang online

On the new-moon night dedicated to Siva, the original teacher of hatha yoga, join Swami Saradananda for a guided meditation and talk on Ishwara-pranidhana (surrendering the ego) as well as stories of Siva. … click here if you are interested in attending

12 March, 6:30-7:30pm (London time)

Holi Satsang online

Join Swami Saradananda in celebrating Holi, the Indian Spring festival. Prepare for a ‘spring cleaning’ with meditation and a talk on the yoga principles of śaucha (purification) and kriyas (cleansing actions)…click here if you are interested in attending

7-16 April, 2023

Introduction to Jnana Yoga

Advanced yoga teachers training and retreat at Haus Yoga Vidya, Westerwald, GERMANY… visit website

Sun, 16 April, 6:30-7:30pm (London time)

Satsang online: Salute to Hanuman

Join Swami Saradananda for meditation and a talk on Hanuman, the patron of prānāyāma. He represents the steady mind, unaffected by experiences of the senses. … click here if you are interested in attending

16-21 April, 2023

Asana Intensive

at Haus Yoga Vidya, Westerwald, GERMANY… visit website

21-23 April, 2023

Mudras at Nordsee

a weekend at the North Sea based on Swami Saradananda’s book “Mudras for Modern Life” …read more  about this course at Haus Yoga Vidya, Nordsee, Germany