The Power of Breath

The Art of Breathing Well for Harmony and Health

Many years ago, my teacher, Swami Vishnu-devananda, instructed me to do 100 rounds of alternate nostril daily. I think he exaggerated the number in the hopes that I would do “something”. At the time I believed him and tried to do it. My intensity was short-lived. However it did open a new world of practice for me.

In The Power of Breath, I pass that inspiration on to you to begin or intensify your pranayama practice. The book is practical; the writing style clear and approachable. The language can be easily understood even if you have little or no previous experience of yoga or breathing exercises. The teachings are not over-simplified; the book presents many in-depth practices. It supplies a wealth of practical exercises to enrich your practice. Yoga teachers will find that it is the only book available that discusses the five pranas in detail.

The Power of Breath explains the basics of breathing and the connections between the breath and the subtle body. It will help you rediscover natural breathing to maximize your intake of oxygen and rid your body of waste products. Over 30 life-enriching breathing exercises are given, each one beautifully illustrated for clarity and maximum visual appeal. There is also a section of mini breathing programmes to target common ailments and issues, such as asthma, depression, lethargy and phobias. Other routines harness your breath to enhance vocal, dramatic or sports performance.

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Large print: The Power of Breath

In Quebec: L'Art de la respiration

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In Germany: Atem - Kraftquelle deines Lebens

In Spain: El arte de respirar bien

In Russia: Энергия дыхания

In Korea: 호흡의 힘

In Italy: Il Potere del Respiro

In Holland: De Kracht van Ademhalen

Comments from readers

"This is a much-needed jewel of a book, offering a range of effective breathing practices - some simple enough to read and try immediately - while helping people understand the esoteric aspects of prana (did you know there are five kinds?)."
- Pamela Miles; New York City; spiritual mentor and Reiki master, author "REIKI: A Comprehensive Guide"


"This book brings clarity, light and ease of practice to the ancient art of pranayama. Understanding and regulation of breathing brings balance to the nervous system so that physical and mental health follow naturally. All levels of practitioners will find guidance in this valuable and knowledgeable book”.
- Robert Moses, Yoga Teacher and co-publisher Namarupa Magazine


"The blissful depth of Pranayama can be experienced in no other way but through dedicated practice. Only one who has felt the true 'power of the breath' can share it with so much of love, beauty and clarity. Swami Saradananda has proven once again that she is a true Yogacharini through this delightful and wise exposition of subtle aspects of Pranayama, that hidden treasure missing from most modern Yoga teachings.”
- Yogacharya Dr Ananda Balayogi Bhavanani, Chairman ICYER at Ananda Ashram, Pondicherry, India.

Take a deep breath and dive into Swami Saradananda’s exploration of pranayama. Saradananda, former director of Sivananda Yoga centers around the world, goes beyond fundamentals... There’s lots of information packed into this small book, but go slow, and you might ignite a regular pranayama practice.

~ Richard Rosen in Yoga Journal, Oct 2009

At last, a book on breath that can be used to inform both my personal practice and my teaching. Swami Sarandananda’s beautifully written and illustrated book takes you through all the aspects of breath and Pranayama, explaining in simple language the intricate links between breath, energy, asana, mudra and bandhas and the physical and emotional self. This book goes every where with me and is a must have for all yoga teachers and serious students!

~ Patricia Ezechie,

Om Swamiji thank you for "The Power of the Breath" book; it has given me a new inspiration for practicing Pranayama ! (I think I'm finally getting the hang of it)

~ Bhavani, London

A must-have!
I am a yoga teacher myself, have taught yoga worldwide in English, Spanish and German. I am based in New York City where I reside. Swami Saradananda's book is so beautifully written that I keep recommending it in my yoga classes. The students who buy it just love this book. I can recommend it to yoga students and yoga teachers alike. Swami Saradananda gives the most inspiring seminars and yoga courses all over the world. The first time I took her inspirational classes is about 20 years ago and was in London. Then I took one of her classes in New York a few years ago. I suggest you get a group together and have her teach one of her most amazing seminars or listen to her speak but if you can't do that right now get at least get her amazing book 'The Power of Breath'. It is for beginners, intermediate and advance levels alike.

~ Christine, New York City

Wonderful and clear.
I have tried to read many books on this subject but this is the only one which I read from the beginning to the end. It makes me keep practicing! The author is a big inspiration to anyone!

~ Joseph, New York City

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