The Essential Guide to Chakras

discover the power of chakras

This is a brilliant guide to every aspect of working with your chakras. Learn how understanding the workings of these subtle energy centres can help you to achieve new levels of health and well-being. Improve your relationships and assist in your spiritual growth and development.

  • Discover if each chakra is balanced, overactive or underactive
  • Includes step-by-step yoga exercises and breathing techniques
  • Meditations and visualizations throughout will help you gain deeper understanding and awareness

To buy the The Essential guide to Chakras:

In the U.K.The Essential Guide to Chakras

In the U.S.A.The Essential Guide to Chakras

In HollandDe Chakragids

In FranceLe Guide Essentiel des Chakras

In AustraliaThe Essential Guide to Chakras

Comments from readers

What a wonderful gem of a book. Incredibly informative and in a language that all can understand and use, from beginner to advanced students. Amazingly insightful and a great starting point for those interested in understanding and deepening their knowledge of the Chakra’s. Beautiful images and simple, easy to follow instructions, it’s a brilliant tool for anyone wanting to learn simple meditative techniques and other tools for a more peaceful way of being. Absolutely invaluable to all on the yogic path or just embarking on their spiritual journey. Thank you Swami Saradananda.

– Jenny

I recently purchased this book and have started to read. I think is truly amazing. Very informative detailed and descriptive. I practice yoga regularly and i am in incorporating it into my daily/weekly routines. My ability to visualise and grown immensely. This book recently helped me explain to feeling that i was experiencing after a yoga class which involved working on the heart chakra. I hightly recommend this book to anyone who wishes to learn about not only the seven well know chakras but also touches on many others too.

– Jen

I’m studying yoga philosophy at the moment and was looking for a book that I could easily understand. After reading this book, which is written by the Swami, things started to make more sense. It’s a large topic but anyone who practices yoga and is interested in background knowledge and tips for meditation should buy this book. I shall definitely use it when I start teaching. Attractively illustrated and in plain English – unlike some yoga books!

– Mrs CMG

This is one that if you are interested in balancing your chakras, and you think you are ready to give up the toxins and negativity in your life. This book is step by step and it will help guide anyone who is interested in making a better life for themselves.

– Amanda