Sitting Comfortably

Sitting Comfortably: preparing the mind and body for peaceful meditation

Sitting Comfortably is a complete guide to setting up an enjoyable long-term meditation practice. Even if you are eager to meditate, the aches and pains that you experience when trying to sit may be blocking you from establishing a regular practice. This allows the jittery mind to take up residence, leading to the feeling of "not being good at meditation".

Swami Saradananda explores the physical issues that may arise while sitting, from painful knees to tight hamstrings. She shows how yoga preparation, breathing and adapting postures can help to strengthen the body to be able to maintain a steady and comfortable sitting meditation. She invites you to understand how the mind can easily be distracted and that physical discomfort can often be this distraction in disguise.

This is the only book to focus on the physicality of a formal meditation practice, helping prepare the body for the mindful practice of meditation, so that mind and body are in synchronicity. It is invaluable whether you are a student of mindfulness or Buddhism, a yoga practitioner or simply wishing to boost your wellbeing through meditation.

Sitting Comfortably explains how to overcome obstacles to meditation, the key stretches, yoga poses and breathing exercises (pranayama) to help you sit comfortably, and diet and lifestyle tips ­ and much more. With evocative artwork, serene photography and step-by-step guidance, it is the ultimate guide to preparing for a sustainable meditation practice.

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