Mudras for Modern Life

boost your health, enhance your yoga and deepen your meditation

Your body is a subtle but powerful antenna that is continually receiving and transmitting subtle energy (prana). Mudras act like switches to control the flow of prana within your body.

Most mudras are easy to do, yet they are so powerful that regular practice could change your life. If this book, renowned yoga teacher and author Swami Saradananda provides a highly practical, accessible and inspirational overview of using mudras in daily life.

The first chapter of the book consists of finger, hand and arm exercises that can prove of great benefit when practiced by anyone who works at a compiter. This is followed by six core chapters, each one dedicated tp the different parts of the hand and their associated element and key holistic benefit:

  • Thumb * fire mudras* boosting inner strength and self-esteem
  • Index finger * air mudras * encouraging freedom, joy and stress relief
  • Middle finger * ether mudras * enhancing inner peace, self-expression and creativity
  • Ring finger * earth mudras * encouraging stability and grounding
  • Little finger * water mudras * enhancing health and equipping you to move forward
  • Palm * mind mudras * increasing concentration and clarity

Each mudra profile includes a photograph and easy-to-follow instructions, plus an accompanying meditation, visualisation, breathing exercise (pranayama), mantra or yoga pose (asana) that enhances the effectiveness of the mudra. There's also a range of highly useful mudra routines for specific problems, such as hay fever, stress and jet lag.

To buy Mudras for Modern Life:

In U.K. Mudras for Modern Life: Boost Your Health, Re-Energize Your Life, Enhance Your Yoga and Deepen Your Meditation

In U.S.A.Mudras for Modern Life

In CanadaMudras for Modern Life

In AustraliaMudras for Modern Life

In IndiaMudras for Modern Life

In GermanyEntdecke die Kraft der Mudras

In SpainMudras para la Vida Moderna

In France: Les Mudras, des gestes millénaires au service de notre bien-être

In HollandMudra's voor Hedendaags Leven

In NorwayMudraer for vår tid

In ItalyMudra: Stimolano la salute, potenziano la pratica yoga e affinano le tecniche di meditazione

Comments from Readers

A clear and concise practical guide to mudras

I just picked up with book in Waterstones and I have Swami's book on Chakras which I use every week, so thought this one would be good and I was not disappointed. It is clear, well laid out and easy to read. I knew some of the mudras but there were many that I had not come acorss that are very useful. I had a private client come and we did the Agni Mudra for his specific issues. It is an excellent and very visually appealing book that I will no doubt use regularly in my yoga practice and teaching.

- TMC Feeth

The instructions are easy to follow and easy to do. An enjoyable read. The book describes subtle hand gestures to boost health and wellbeing. The instructions are easy to follow and easy to do. No difficult yoga positions so anyone can try mudras. The background information is also very interesting.

- Sally

Really enjoying this book. I have been having problems with the joints in some of of my fingers. I have found the hand exercises very beneficial.

- Ginger

This is a fantastic book. Easy to follow instructions and pictures. A great edition to anyone's library.- Mrs P.

Most enlightening read I am still working my way through this book as there is so much to take in.

- M. Russell

I read about this book through one of my regular magazines. Sometimes I think things are innate to you. I absolutely love this book. There's just something about it. You will get it when you read it. the illustrations are some of the best I have seen to date which enables you to sync with it's directions and suggestions. I'm glad that I bought it.

- Eve