Chakra Meditation

Discover Energy, Creativity, Focus, Love, Communication, Wisdom and Spirit

Chakra Meditation can help you to restore and enhance the smooth flow of energy. The practices in this book are designed to help you keep your life in

balance in the face of the complications of daily life. With regular practice you may also find that they release the potential of the psycho-spiritual energy known as “kundalini”, that lies dormant within your lower chakras.

As many of you know, I worked with the Sivananda Yoga Centres for many years. As part of our curriculum of “teaching” people to meditate, we suggested that they pick one of the higher chakras as a focal point on which to concentrate the repetition of their mantra. If they deemed themselves to be more intellectual by nature, it would be a good idea to use the ajna chakra, the energy centre between the eyebrows that is commonly known as the “third eye”. If they were more emotional by nature, we suggested that they use the heart centre. Although the lower chakras were mentioned in classes that surveyed the subtle “anatomy” of the body, they were rarely used for meditation.

After a while, I began to notice how the sole use of the higher chakras for meditation tends to make people a bit too “airy” and “in their heads”. This led me to begin to explore meditations on the chakras themselves, and particularly on the lower chakras for their grounding effects.

Chakra meditations are simple, yet powerful techniques for developing inner poise. They are most helpful when reinforced by regular self analysis and bolstered by positive activities throughout the day – as well as the practice of yoga postures and breathing techniques.

The enlightening introduction in “Chakra Meditation” discusses how chakras and energy pathways work. Each chapter focuses on one main chakra, offering a variety of meditations and visualizations to calm or stimulate that energy centre, as well as self-help tools, including yoga postures and healing foods, crystals and oils, to support it. The book is full of transforming practices, and illustrated with evocative artwork and instructive photography, this is the ultimate guide to balance and well-being.

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Comments from readers

Swami Saradananda has a gift for taking complex yoga philosophy and making it seem so much easier to understand and grasp. This book is no exception and not only explains what the chakra system is and how it works, but elaborates on each Chakra explaining its meanings and associations with the body and elements and ways to meditate on them. This is a wonderful book and great for anyone wishing to learn or develop their knowledge of the chakras. You have also inadvertantely helped me out with an issue in my teaching that I was never quite happy with – how to describe or teach people how to perform Ujjayi breath – but after offering up the description in your book – perfect! Hopefully, there should be no more puzzled looking faces in my classes (when it comes to Ujjayi at least!) anymore. Thank you!

~ Vicki, Bucks

I love your book “Chakra Meditation” and would like to use it to facilitate a weekly workshop on Chakras. Is there an accompanying workbook? Thank you for your wonderful book!

~ Deborah, Seattle

Namaskar Swamiji, I just bought your book on Chakra Meditation in Paphos, Cyprus. I must congratulate you as your book seems to have been very popular and i was lucky to have the last copy in the shop. I am using your book in my teaching practice in Paphos where I now live. Its an excellent reference book not just for teaching but i also use it in my daily practice.
So thank you for providing such a wonderful book.

~ Neelma, Cyprus

I just purchased your lovely book CHAKRA MEDITATION and I’m immensely enjoying it! Actually I purchased a couple as I want to share your wonderful gift you’ve given us with my yoga friends
Om shanty

~ Jana, London

I wanted to let you know that I read your book and very much enjoyed it. I actually took some elements from it to include in my classes and it was beautiful. A very good book, easy to use with lots of practical info. Bravo!

~ Martine, Bali

It is an excellent work and the pictures and illustrations are top class. Wishing you all the best in your Yoga Mission.

~ Krishnanand, Chennai

In this beautifully produced book which is a visual delight of color, form and instructive illustration, Swami Saradananda writes a clear, concise and comprehensible description of subtle energy of the body-mind-spirit. She offers methods to establish balance, harmony and health. This book is well worth reading, owning and using for ongoing reference. I would recommend it to both beginners, and those who study and instruct yoga, meditation and the tuning of the subtle body through chakra meditation. I would also recommend it to healers who use mantra, essential oils, and visualization in their healings and massage. Swami Saradananda presents techniques in ways that are readily accessible and understandable. It is a valuable tool for those who endeavor to live a life of balance.

~ Mokshananda, St Petersberg, Florida

THE BOOK TO GET ON CHAKRAS! There are many books about chakras out there but this is the only book that describes everything best and right to the point. It is not only beautifully illustrated but also very well written by the supreme meditation practitioner and world-renowned meditation guru Swami Saradananda.

~ Christine, New York City