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'Mudras for Modern Life' book signing at Yoga Congress


My latest book "Mudras for Modern Life" is attracting quite a bit of interest - especially since, in addition to the popular English edition, it is now available in Dutch, French, German, Norwegian and Spanish. Here I am at the Yoga Congress in Bad Meinberg, Germany. The room was overflowing with a crowd over 100 intensely interested students. More than half of them bought copies of my book and asked me to sign - what a pleasure!

The high point of the day was our attempts at anahata mudra - see page 58 in the book - or a short video on Instagram 

  • Bring your right ring finger into the web between the left index and middle fingers – and the left ring finger into the web between the index and middle finger on your right hand.
  • Curl each of your middle fingers down over the ring fingers.
  • Extend your thumbs and the index and little fingers; bring their respective ends together.

The next "Mudras for Modern Life" workshop in London

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1 Sonia Rashid Nov. 8, '17 at 7:37 pm Namaste Swami Saradananda

I bought your book of Mudras for Modern Life ( London yoga show 2017), and I am thoroughly fascinated by it. I am since practicing some Mudras and recording my findings.

Thank you so much for publishing such a rich and illuminating book. Om Shanti, your student Sonia

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